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Serial Number help

Question asked by DarrenO'Reilly on Jun 24, 2013
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Serial Number help



     I work for a small charity and I only started using filemaker in February.  I love it, and the databases that we have created to replace old ones so far have worked an absolute dream.

     However,  I am changing over files from an old database which registers official correspondence, and I am having difficulty with serial number creation which follows the same rules as the other database.  It is a database that will register previous correspondence too, so the serial number has already been printed on the letters that have been sent out.  We would like to continue to keep the same structure of serial number for ease of archive management, and to ensure that electronic and paper archives show the same values.

     The old serial number had the structure 3.g. 1/12; 2/12, 3/12.......1/13; 2/13; 3;13 where the first digit is a sequential numbering for each correspondence and the second part is the year (two digit).

     I know that Filemaker as a database sort of hates two digit years, but it would be a great help to find a calculation that would generate a serial number with this structure


     If anyone could help I would really appreciate it