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    serial number question



      serial number question


      I have a few db that has about 1000 records or so. they all have a serial number. I was wondering if example.

      Serial numbers are 1-1000 can i change them all in one shot to say tbs-1 to tbs1000





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           Yes, but why would you want to?  If they are background linking tools that you are not using in real time, why does it matter if they have the prefix?

          In a script:

          Show all records
          GoToRecord/Request/Page [First]
          Set Variable [$ID ; Value: YourIDField]
          SetField [ YourIDField ; "tbs-" & $ID ]
          GoToRecord/Request/Page [Next ; Exit after last]
          End Loop

          Run it once and be done with it.

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            You can put the "tbs-" value in a different field and use either merge text or a calculation field to disply the combined value whenever you need that on a layout.

            You can also use Replace Field Contents with the calculation option instead of a looping script to update your serial number field with this text.

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              well this is the issue im having. I have 10 DB'S thar are 100% identical just different information in each.

              everything is linked by student id.

              What im trying to do is link all 10 dbs into my master db for report purposes.


              1. i need a quick and easy way to import all 10 db records to the 1 db. ( everytable and every feild)

              2. i need to change all linking id's in each db and set the id to a unique one to differ all dbs and ids.


              i hope this makes sence.