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Serial numbering

Question asked by TomGrasmeyer on Mar 13, 2013
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Serial numbering


     We are a print shop. I have developed a 'docket system' which has served us well over the past 3 years. It contains all the info about each job that goes through the shop.

     When a docket/job is started, it is given a four-digit job number (0000-9999), incrementing by 1 and then with a 'series' letter attached to it. So, job numbers look like this:"1234c" or "8745c". When we reach 9999c, we need the series to re-start into '0001d'. 

     Fiels I currently have:

  1.           docket number (0000 - 9999) <-- auto-entered number field, incrementing by 1
  3.           docket series (c, d, e, etc.) <-- auto-entered series field (set to enter 'c' all the time)
  5.           unique identifier (a hidden field that combines the docket number with the series so that we can have duplicate docket numbers but not within the same series (i.e. 1234c and 1234d are OK, but we cannot have two 1234c dockets)


     I want the docket system to flip over to 'd' series when '9999c' is reached, or to 'e' when '9999d' is reached, and so on. This is what I think I have to do:

  1.           set up a new field called 'current series'
  3.           set up field 'docket series' to auto-enter the contents of 'current series'
  5.           set up a calculation that will somehow check to see if 9999 of a given series has been reached, and if it has, then change the 'current series' field to the next alphabetical letter <--this is the step that has me stumped. How do I do this?

     I could probably change the series letter manually easily enough since a series lasts us about 2 years. But I don't know how long I'll be here and I want this system to do the work itself in case I'm not here…no one else in the shop knows how to work with Filemaker.