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Serial numbers

Question asked by willrollo on Feb 6, 2012
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Serial numbers


Just a brief overview of my invoice solution (not quite a solution yet though!)


I have the usual customers,Line items, invoice and products tables.


However,  I need to have certain serial numbers to be automatically created once certain stages of the process has been met.


This is the existing process of how an order is placed by the user and what should happen behind the scenes with filemaker..

On customer details entry layout (Layout - 'Customers detail', table 'Customersl')

User clicks on 'quote' button to write up a quote - this then takes user from the 'customer' layout to the 'invoice' layout. This layout gets info from the invoice table but also customer details from the linked 'customers' table and 'line items' that are linked to the 'products' table. A quote date and number should now be created automatically. On this 'invoice' layout, there is an 'order' button to convert this quote to an order. When this is clicked, the quote number should be removed  (maybe a conditional format to change text to same colour as background)and a Job number should now be created. This should follow on from the last job number. There is also an 'invoice' button on this page to convert the order to an invoice. The invoice date and number is created and the invoice is locked from editing via the privilage sets. 


If, on the original customer page, the 'order' button is clicked, then the quote numbers part is bypassed and a job number is created instead and we go from there. But this job number has to follow on from the last job. 


I currently have job number, invoice number and quote number all in the same invoice table - this doesnt help if I want them to only be created at different times. should I have a quote table, invoice table and a job table all linked with the ogirinal foriegn keys from the invoice table that links to the line items table and product table?

All the job numbers, quot enumbers and invoice numbers need to be sequential.

Sorry if this isnt clear - it is quite hard to describe what I want to do and what I have currently...

Previously Phil advised me how to hide buttons etc, but I think on reflection I shall have to use multiple layouts instead which is how I noticed this glitch!