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Serialize a product

Question asked by CouponKing on Jun 25, 2010
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Serialize a product


Hello and thank you in advance for your assistance. I have just recently setup FM Server 11 Advanced and all clients use FM11 Pro. Everything is running smooth however I do need a hand with something. I will try to keep my question as concise as possible. We have about 20 products that we sell and some of them we need to track. What I mean by this is that some of the products that we sell each have a serial number on them. Lets say I order 100,000 at a time of a particular product from the manufacturer. I'm looking for a way to enter all 100,000 serial numbers (they are sequential, thankfully) into FM and associate those numbers with a product code we have in our db. This way when I sell 3,000 of this product to someone, FM can track these serials and keep track of our inventory level as well. The product comes in boxes (250 items per) and each box has a barcode with the first and last serial number on it. We had a person to "try" and help set this up but his method involved making every serial number (100,000 of them for just one item we sell!) a product code. This was a mess. What I would ultimately like to do is this.


- Enter a product in FM

- Enter a stock quantity of the product as well as their serial numbers.

- When I sell this product to a person, be able to enter the serial numbers they purchased

- This persons FM record now shows they bought "x" amount of this product and the serial numbers that go with them.


Does this sound like something that can be done with FM?


Thanks again for any assistance.