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Serialize based on multiple field data?

Question asked by S.H. on Sep 27, 2012
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Serialize based on multiple field data?


     I'm using Filemaker Pro 11.0v4.

     I have a database with 10,000 + records.  Many records per same clientID, and I'm looking to assign a unique delimiter assuming some of the fields within each record match. 

     For example: I have ten records with the same clientID and the same locationID and the same productID - I want all those 10 to be grouped - so that I can obtain a count of those cases where the fields are different.  So this group of 10 would be considered "1 unique delimiter." 

     On an aside, I also need to total the invoices totals per case.  So there's 10 invoices per unique delimiter that need totalled.

     Can someone please send me in the right direction of the best way to do this so that going forward it works for all the data?

     Thank you!