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Serious Bug found in FMP13

Question asked by fed on Feb 15, 2014
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Serious Bug found in FMP13


     I upgraded to FMP13 recently, and most things work fine.  When I ran my billing renumeration, a severe issue arose.  I spent 2 hours narrowing it down to the following issue, which I presume is a bug in FMP13:  


     Please see the attached file and use FMP13 Advanced Debuging


     $text is set to the content of the field 'text'

     $Excerpt is set to the field 'Text Excerpt', which is a calculation field based on the field 'text'

     when $Excerpt is defined, $text changes!!!


     I cannot figure out what is the issue.  This did not happen with FMP11.  If I shorten the length of the 'text' field, the error does not occur, so I guess it is a limitation of the string size itself.  Again, the size of the field string WAS NOT AN ISSUE WITH FMP11.



     Please help.  This effect billing in my business.


     I changed all text to "a" to protect confidentiality of my clients.


     Thank you in advance,




     PS I cannot a seem to be able to upload my demo database to demonstrate this bug.  How do I proceed?