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Server based Timer Script

Question asked by Mark_M on May 7, 2015


Server based Timer Script


Environment = FM 12 Advanced / FM 12 Server

I’m getting ready to deploy an document management system for employment documents for my school division.  It involves HR staff managing documents on the client side and then employees access their documents through IWP.  Some documents are “no action” required and some are “Accept/Decline” contracts.  When an employee signs the contract is captures their electronic signature.  The original PDF is deleted and replaced with an updated version reflecting the electronic signature.

I have a script that takes does the document management on the server, however the "Install OnTimer" script step is not server capable.  I have a desktop that I use mostly for remote work and a laptop that I work off of  99% of the time.

The only solution I’ve been able to think of is run the script on the desktop with “Install OnTimer[“Scheduled Document Update”; Interval; 60)]” that calls the document update script on the server.

This works fine but seem pretty inefficient, any better ideas?