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    Server Busy Error Emailing in Windows



      Server Busy Error Emailing in Windows


           I have a database built in FM Pro 12. I have two users running the database from brand new Windows based computers. The send mail from mail client does not work on their computers neither does saving as a pdf and creating an email with the pdf. They get a Server Busy error: 

           Server Busy: This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose "Switch To" to activate the busy program and correct the problem. 

           When they click "Switch to" it takes them to their desk top but does not seem to tell them how to correct the problem. 

           The windows they are running is 64 bit. 

           Has anyone else had this problem? 


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               Yes, Allison - and I hope someone can help us out!  It is really annoying, because in my case clicking on "switch to" causes nothing to happen and the only way I have been able to get rid of it is through the ctr-alt-delete route and killing the app.  I just loaded Filemaker Pro Advanced 13 and it is still doing it.

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                 On these machines, can you use Send Mail from the File menu to send out a single email?

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                   Thanks for your response. 

                   I will ask about that. All I tried with them was the send mail script from a button on the layout and then trying to save as PDF and checking the create email with this document box. 


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                     What email client program are you trying to use?

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                       I believe they are trying to route their gmail accounts through Outlook. 

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                         I just checked on my work machine- and I note that when I am in Preview mode (which is where I am doing the "Save as PDF" and "Create email with file as attachment" in the file dialog box), File->Send->Mail is grayed out- interesting!  I have done this many times before, so I don't know what has caused it suddenly to be grayed out.  I upgraded to Office 2013, do you think that might be it?  It seems to me that the problem started about then.


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                           All I can tell from here as that it looks like there could be an issue with your email client program. I think that the "server busy" message is referring to your email account's email server. In cases where users try to use FileMaker to send out mass emails, doing so sometimes trips anti-spam measures imposed by the email server to prevent such emails. Sometimes you can send an email to only so many recipients in your TO, CC or BCC boxes. Sometimes you can send no more than X emails in an hour. Either limitation might require that you change how emails are sent.

                           Thus, I wanted you to check and see if sending a single email in the simplest way possible worked or not. If you cannot send out a single simple (no attachments) email, then some configuration issue exists between FileMaker and the email client program or the email client program is not compatible with FileMaker. But Outlook is supposed to be compatible with FileMaker and works for me...

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                             Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, but I was just now able to get the answers to your questions. 

                             We tried sending a single email from within my solution and the same error comes up. We also tried opening a starter solution and had the same error there as well. 

                             When we try saving a pdf without an email attachment, there is no problem saving the pdf. But when we try to attach a pdf to email through the save pdf dialogue box, we get the error. 

                             This is happening on a Windows 7 and a Windows 8 machine. Both with gmail accounts being run through their email client. 

                             I have not run into this with any other Windows users, so it could be something with their system, but their IT guy thought it had something to do with Filemaker or the server my solution uses. 

                             Any guidance is most appreciated. 


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                               There's been an ongoing discussion of this over in Report an Issue. The latest suggestion that has been made over there is to try disabling add Ins in Outlook to see if that makes a difference.

                               The relevant thread in Report an Issue is: Send Mail using Outlook 2010 Error

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                                 We went in to disable add ins and there are many. Not sure exactly which ones to disable. We did uncheck the use outlook as default email, but that had no effect. I am afraid to go in and start disabling add ins that they may need. Any suggestions from Outlook users as to what add ins are a must to keep? 


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                                   I would suggest that you ask these questions in the other thread. I'm not sufficiently familiar with OutLook to be able to make a suggestion--Outlook works fine for me on my WIndows 7 system with filemaker 12 and 13.

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                                     This has be come a permanent crash on my system.  I believe it is coming from Outlook 2013, and is due to some security feature in Outlook that is preventing its use by an external program.  I agree that the solution will probably be found over in the Outlook forums somewhere, but would really be grateful to anyone solving it reporting a link to the solution back over here.  I promise I will if i find it!



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                                       I have not suggested that you visit an Outlook Forum. The link points you to a thread in Report an Issue (another section of this forum) where this has been reported as a possible bug.

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                                         The best workaround I have found is to send from  SMTP instead of the Email Client. I created a layout that has email components and set variables into the SMTP settings so that different users could put in their own email and password. This seems to be working so far, so good. 

                                         I managed to get my hands on a windows 8 computer and found that I was able to create the same error. Part of the problem could be that the email that comes with the Windows 8 computers is not compatible with FileMaker and installing other email clients is a bit tricky (at least for this Mac user). 

                                         Phil, thanks for your input. I will also post this solution on the thread you recommended to us. 



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