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Server or No Server ?

Question asked by GeorgeTai on Jan 26, 2015


Server or No Server ?



I am new to FM.  I have a situation like this and hope to get some clarification:

1.) I have an ordering system running on MSSQL and PHP

2.) Many times due to line speed and multi users sharing etc, the system is running very slow, especially when it is loading products catalog for the online ordering

3.) I need to develop an OFFLINE system using FM and have it loaded to Ipad so that the users can process the ordering offline while on the go

4.) Once the user gets access to the internet, I need the newly created data on both ends (new data from Ipad and new data from Mssql DB) to be sync and updated accordingly.

My question is, do I need a FM Server to achieve these steps?  Or can I setup the MSSQL ODBC connection locally and let the users update/sync the new data when they are back to the office using either the LAN WIFI network or even using cables.

I have tried the ODBC import and it worked when both the mssql and FM Pro are on the same machine.  The question is, how do I connect the Ipad to make use of the MSSQL ODBC connection which is created on the server?

Any references or answers to this will be highly appreciated.