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    Server Script Scheduling and Importing Text



      Server Script Scheduling and Importing Text


           Hi All,

           I'm using FileMaker Server 12 Advanced.

           The script is used to load the contents of a text file into a field.  The location of this text file is determined through a calculation.


      Set Variable [$URL; Value:TableName::TextCalculation]

           NOTE: $URL appears as ' file:///Volumes/Share/Folder/TextFile.pdf.txt'

      Insert from URL [Select; No Dialog; TableName::TextField; $URL]

      Commit Records/Requests [Skip data entry validation; No Dialog; Force Commit]


           The problem that I've having is when I open the database in FMP12 and execute the script on the server, it works perfectly.  The pathing appears as it should.  When I schedule this FileMaker script, I suspect that the $URL path is not being generated properly.  I say suspect, because I can not see the results as this is being executed.

           Any assistance with this would be very much appreciated.


           PS - I also posted in FM Server Forum as I'm not positive the exact issue here. 

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               You might consider having the script store the value of $URL in a text field of a record in a a Log table set up for that purpose. You can then examine the value of this field after the fact to see what URL was computed.


               Looks like the limitation that schedule controlled scripts can't access locations external to the server machine is still the case with Server 12. You may need to use an OS Scheduled robot file to do this instead or move the file to the server's hard drive.