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    Server side user authentication vs file authentication



      Server side user authentication vs file authentication



      I'd like to know weather it's possible to create a single server side authentication method that would govern access to all databases through privilege groups rather than having to add each user to every database manually.

      In a situation where we have 100+ users and potentially over 20 databases the latter seems very inefficient.

      I know that there is a server side authentication method in Filemaker, but I would like some clarification about potential application in the above scenario.

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          This is a built in capability. We use Active Directory here to manage a list of several hundred users over a set of more than 100 database files....

          The precise details will vary a bit with the external authentication method used, see FileMaker Help for documentation on those details.

          The basic method is that you define a "group" in AD, or other such system. You assign your users in that system to those Groups. You then define accounts in your files with the same account names as the group name, specifying a privilege set, but selecting external authentication in place of specifying a single password for that account.

          Please note that the FileMaker account name is not returned by Get ( AccountName ) in this case. You get the user names specified in AD and thus can still identify individual users while using Get ( accountPrivilegeSetName ) to identify groups of users.