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Service scheduling using a calendar with recurring entries...

Question asked by brian.curran on Apr 15, 2011


Service scheduling using a calendar with recurring entries...


I'm using FM Pro 11 Advanced on Windows 7 Pro plus FM Go on an iPad via fmIWP & fmAPP - Newbie developer.

We provide security patrols to customers and I would like to plot their differing requirements on a daily basis, recurring weekly but with the ability to amend any short term changes.

Our security officers work a shift pattern that has 14 shifts per week (7 days, 7 nights). Some customers require day time patrols, night time patrols or a combination of both. Obviously, each customer has their own requirements regarding the number of patrols required, the frequency of them and their duration.

Ideally, I would like to set each customer up with a recurring weekly schedule (similar to Outlook reminders?) The structure would hopefully result in a Layout for any given shift, detailing the patrols required of that officer.

E.g. Monday day might display:

Bloggs & Co. 3 patrols Mid-morning, lunch time, mid-afternoon. 
Jones Bolts 2 patrols 10:00 and 14:00 
Smiths Cans 2 patrols Unlock premises at 08:00. Lock premises at 17:00  

Any suggestions/pointers would be greatly appreciated...