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Session Attendance

Question asked by NonProfitEducationUser on Oct 6, 2013
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Session Attendance



     I am creating a new database for an education non-profit. We are tracking programs, with multiple sessions- and need to track attendance for each session. I have been reading all the other forum posts, they have helped, but still confused.

     What I have tables for: Cohorts (group of students that start and finish a program together); Sessions (to track date and topic); Participants (to track student data); and Attendance (to track which students attend which sessions). All related through each other.

     I have a layout set up in the context of cohorts that tracks all the sessions for that cohort, and the student roster for that cohort- now I am looking to be able to add a tab to track which students attend each session (can be a different layout if needed)

     In the attendance table, I have:





     AttPresAbsent (this is set up as a radio to select Present or Absent, but really I just need to be collecting information if they are PRESENT)

     I can get the attendance for ONE day using the a global date feild, but I'd like to have the look of a traditional table with the student names in rows and the different dates for each session in the columns. So how to do track multiple days with present/absent information?

     Thanks for your help!