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    Session Attendance



      Session Attendance



           I am creating a new database for an education non-profit. We are tracking programs, with multiple sessions- and need to track attendance for each session. I have been reading all the other forum posts, they have helped, but still confused.

           What I have tables for: Cohorts (group of students that start and finish a program together); Sessions (to track date and topic); Participants (to track student data); and Attendance (to track which students attend which sessions). All related through each other.

           I have a layout set up in the context of cohorts that tracks all the sessions for that cohort, and the student roster for that cohort- now I am looking to be able to add a tab to track which students attend each session (can be a different layout if needed)

           In the attendance table, I have:





           AttPresAbsent (this is set up as a radio to select Present or Absent, but really I just need to be collecting information if they are PRESENT)

           I can get the attendance for ONE day using the a global date feild, but I'd like to have the look of a traditional table with the student names in rows and the different dates for each session in the columns. So how to do track multiple days with present/absent information?

           Thanks for your help!



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               Can more than one Cohort attend the same session?

               Can you map out all your tables and exactly how they are related? A screen shot of manage | Database | Relationships can be very helpful for that, but it also often helps to includes some additional commentary explaining what you in your screen shot.

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                 Thank you so much for such a quick response!

                 No, more than one cohort cannot attend the same session. Cohort ----< Session ----< Participants

                  I have attached the relationship graph. The center Cohort, Session, Attendance, Participants is the part we are looking at right now. So, if I see 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hour PE classes, those are each "cohorts". Now, I am in their PE class for 5 days- so we see 1st hour 5 times, 2nd hour 5 times, etc. So each of those is a "session". We have the class roster for each of the 3 PE classes, so we can collect contact and demographic information, so each student is a "Participant"; and then need to track who was there on Monday, and who was there on Thursday.

                 I am also trying to attach what I was trying to do with the portal... I was having trouble attaching just the image, so I attached a PDF with the graph and the portal shots. (The name is a merge feild in the portal).

                 Thank you!

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                   I cannot get this to attach or paste. Here are the relationships:

                   Grant ----< Cohorts -----<SessionDays -----<AttendanceLink >---------- Participants.

                   We get one grant that covers a lot of groups. Each group meets multiple days, each day has participants who attend.

                   Each cohort, has a class roster.

                   Does that help a bit more?


                   I had previously called the AttendanceLink, just the student link table to avoid the many-many relationship. And attendance was under participants. Then I figured out today at the studentlink is really my attendance as it has a fk for ParticipantIDs and SessionID.

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                     When you upload an image it must be a file of one of the types listed next to the controls for uploading that image. Perhaps you tried uploading a PDF of your screen shot?

                     First thing that I don't see is a relationship between Cohorts and Participants in order to document which person is a member of a given Cohort. Perhaps you have that in another part of your relationships graph, but if you don't it would seem to be something else that you need and if a participant can be a member of different cohorts (maybe at different times), then that is also a many to many relationship.

                     There are two basic and slightly different ways to log attendance.

                     Option 1: A script loops through the enrollment records for a particular class (or a Cohort in this case) and generates one attendance record for each participant for that class session. You then change a value in a field (such as a check box field) to mark which participants are present.

                     Option 2: You only create records in the attendance table for a given participant if they are present (or absent) for that session. The actual existence of such a record for that session is what indicates who was present and who was absent.

                     Either option can be set up with a roster of all participants that are a member of that Cohort and clicking either their name or a control next to their name can either mark them present or mark them absent.