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Sessions and setting up compulsary fields

Question asked by RezaAzmi on Oct 12, 2013
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Sessions and setting up compulsary fields


     I am going to tackle these tasks soon and wanted to hear from the FM community how they would tackle the following problems.



     I have three layouts and each are completed seperately as the information required is too much for the portals.

     Is there a smart solution (for a newbie with minimal scripting experience) for allowing a user to complete the PRODUCER info, then clink a button to jump to DESIGNATIONS completes this, then CONTACTS and then return back to the original PRODUCER record.

     I thought it would be good to have a SESSIONS variable of sorts, so that at every stage key ID can be passed. How would this work in FM?


     I have a series of tables where some fields should be completed, but not necessary when the record is created. I need a way of managing this so that I know which tables remain incomplete and requires attention.

     I can see FM allows for data validation but this seems to apply only when the record is created.

     My simple solution was to add a new field "complete or incomplete" so it acts as a check. I can then find all instances where this field remains "incomplete".

     Anyone has any advice how this might be tackled?

     Thanks in advance!