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    Sessions and setting up compulsary fields



      Sessions and setting up compulsary fields


           I am going to tackle these tasks soon and wanted to hear from the FM community how they would tackle the following problems.


           The scenario is a PRODUCER > DESIGNATIONS > CONTACTS

           I have three layouts and each are completed seperately as the information required is too much for the portals.

           Is there a smart solution (for a newbie with minimal scripting experience) for allowing a user to complete the PRODUCER info, then clink a button to jump to DESIGNATIONS completes this, then CONTACTS and then return back to the original PRODUCER record.

           I thought it would be good to have a SESSIONS variable of sorts, so that at every stage key ID can be passed. How would this work in FM?


           I have a series of tables where some fields should be completed, but not necessary when the record is created. I need a way of managing this so that I know which tables remain incomplete and requires attention.

           I can see FM allows for data validation but this seems to apply only when the record is created.

           My simple solution was to add a new field "complete or incomplete" so it acts as a check. I can then find all instances where this field remains "incomplete".

           Anyone has any advice how this might be tackled?

           Thanks in advance!








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               Please describe the purpose of each of your three tables and the relationships that link them. Without that information we can't really suggest much for how to set up your layouts to work the way that you need them to.


                    I can see FM allows for data validation but this seems to apply only when the record is created.

               Not quite. Each time you edit a record and commit the data--which often happens automatically, the validations will be applied and any errors will trip a validation error message. Some data validation will be applied when the user exits a field as well--such as entering an invalid date into a field of type date.

               You also have the option, if you have FileMaker 11 or newer, to use the OnObjectValidation tab to run your own script to check for and deal with errors before any built in or developer defined validation rules are used and this can produce a much more user friendly experience for your users.