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set date range using drop-down calendar

Question asked by KBGF75 on Apr 22, 2012
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set date range using drop-down calendar


In my FMP9 file the Donations table includes a record for each donation. I use a script to find a set of donation records within a range of dates. I have been specifying the date range in a single global text field, Date_range_for_find, using the format mm/dd/

 The two dates are now entered manually into the Date_range_for_find field.  Instead of manual entry, I want to use a drop-down calendar to specify each date. I expect to use the calendar to set two global date fields, initial_search_date and final_search_date.

 How should I modify the existing script, which is:

                Go to Layout [“Donation Reports”(Donations)]

                Enter Find Mode []

                Go to Field [Donations::Date of Donation]

                Set Field [Donations::Date_range_for_find]

                Perform Find []

                Exit Script []