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    Set field



      Set field


           I have a 2 fields on a layout.  When I type a number into 1 of the fields I want to populate the second field.  The 2nd field is a number field and is formatted as a checkbox set on the layout.  The value list only has the string "Yes" in it. Not sure why the string works with a numeric field.  Anyway when I enter data in the first field I would like the 2nd field to have a "yes" which displays as a X   when I use set field the 2nd field remains blank.  Any suggestions for me?

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               If Field 2 is to be yes if Field 1 has any value whatsoever, simply set Field 2 to be a calculation (result is Text) with the formula:

               Case (IsEmpty (Field1) ; "" ; "Yes")

               That it is a checkbox is in the layout formatting on the Data tab.

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                 When the layout is opened both fields are blank.  I need to be able to  make field 2   "yes" manually by clicking on it as well as automatically by entering data in field 1. Sorry for the confusion.

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                   Ahhh, manually too...

                   Make a script :

                   If (not Isempty(Field1) )

                        SetField (Field2 ; "Yes")



                   Launch the script OnModify based on Field 1.