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    Set field appears frozen



      Set field appears frozen


           I have a relationship: Patient < Calc < Prescription with portals on Patient layout for Calc and Prescription. There's a select button in Calc portal, so that when a 'calc' is selected, only the related precriptions populate the Prescription portal:

           Set field[Patient::Calc_n; Calc::CalcID]

           However, this only works for the first Calc record; it won't change if I add more. I can see this because the Patient::Calc_n changes when I select different Calc record in the portal, but Calc::CalcID remains the same.


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               This typically happens when something interferes and causes the script to "lose" the focus on the specific portal row record where you clicked the button. Then the reference to Calc::CalcID is to the "first" related record--which will be the first portal row in an unsorted, unfiltered portal to the same table occurrence.

               Most likely suspect is a commit records step--either a preceding script step in the button's script or in a script trigger performed script that gets performed prior to the button's script being performed.

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                 I found that I'd wrongly set field by 'CalcID' rather than 'Calc_n'; stupid error.

                 Useful to see your info though for when a 'freeze' does happen.