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    Set Field by Name



      Set Field by Name & Get Script Parameters not working together


      OK, here's what I want to accomplish. Basically I have 6 fields:


      Starting Price

      Discount % (calculation)

      % Override 

      Discount Amount (calculation)

      Amount Override 

      Total (calculation)


      I want to to be able to enter a value into one of the override fields and if there is something in the other override field it would replace it with "". A real easy thing to do with a specific script for each field but I want ot streamline this a bit.


      I was thinking that I could write a generic script and use a script trigger that would pass the field name I want to reset via the ScriptParameter but it's not working. It's seems to not be getting the field name. Here's the script that I have:


          Set Field By Name [Get (ScriptParameter); ""]


      and in the Optional Script Parameter field in the trigger I have:


          bogus::Percent Override 


      As it stands it's doing nothing as far as resetting the field. Please help me. What am I missing here?