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set field by name ---- yes but how it works ????

Question asked by kvalley_1 on Aug 29, 2009
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set field by name ---- yes but how it works ????


Hello i got a problem with the "set field by name" function in a script :


i'll trying to explain what i want to do :


so, i got a table with 3 fields Part1 and Part2 and Value and a i got a second table with 10 fields with name like VAR1 TEL1 VAR2 TEL2 ....


so what i want to do is : in Part1 i have a list with "VAR, TEL and other words" and in Part2 a list with "1, 2, 3..."


and finally i want to transfert the value in "Value"(of the table1) in the field name formed by the concatenation of Part1 and Part2 (like Part1="VAR" and Value="1" so the target field must be VAR1) (if it's possible i want to have the possibility to add the value to the target field as same time)


Can somebody help me cause in this example there is only 10 fields but in my real product there is more than a hundred...


i've try to use the function "set field by name" with "part1 & part2" for the target field and "value" in the calculated result but it dont work at all...


please help me :smileysad:


Excuse my poor english i'm french