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Set Field by Name ?

Question asked by symbister on Feb 13, 2013
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Set Field by Name ?


     (using FMPA 11)

     I have a layout that gives users a button to find the records relevant to them, (script sets a local variable $user), then asks them to step through and add a piece of data to each one, then they click a 'done' button that returns them (if they've filled out all their records) to the first layout, with their button greyed out or otherwise indicating that that user has finished.

     So I thought that I needed a global 'gusername_done' field for each user, which is then set with a value when all records for that user are complete, which I can then use as a conditional test to grey out their button when they return to the home layout.

     I thought that 'Set Field by Name' might be the answer with a calculation like:

     Set Field By Name ["g" & $user & "_done" ; "true"] which compiles but doesn't set the field with a value.

     Am I on the right track and/or is there a simpler way to accomplish this?