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Set Field By Name and Get ( ScriptParameter)

Question asked by n/a on Nov 15, 2011
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Set Field By Name and Get ( ScriptParameter)


I am somewhat of a newb to using Optional Script Parameters and am hoping to master the use of this new tool.  I am hoping to write a script that will set a record in a field to the value "1" and will identify the field to be modified by referencing an optional script parameter (for what it's worth....this would be part of an attempt to lock a record). In my not-so-expert thought process, the script should look something like this:

Set Field by Name [ Get(ScriptParameter); 1 ]

Also, in the Optional Script Parameter section, I am formatting the field being referenced as :


or... more specifically...


Unfortunately, when I plug this script in and set the optional script parameter, it does nothing. I have walked through the script using the script debugger and it reports error 102 (Field is missing). Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.