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Set Field by Name and the dreaded 102 error message

Question asked by RoelfWoldring on Mar 24, 2014
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Set Field by Name and the dreaded 102 error message


     I am getting a 102 error in a Set Field by Name script step which I don’t understand. After several hours of trying to get around it, I am finally looking for help.


     I will write it up in Word, then post it, attaching a JPEG which contains the various screen captures (script, debugger and data viewer)


     First here is the script.


     It is an OnObjectEnter script trigger script whose only purpose is to turn field contents to Yes if they are no and if another field has some content.



     Script debugger gives me a 102 error on the Set Field by Name Step




     Data viewer tells me the following


     see data viewer


     When I try using Set Field directly in the script on the same field as I am using in Set Field by name, it works with no problem.


     Searching around for a while on the forum, I tried eliminating the field that I am using in the Set Field by Name on the layout and re-establishing it. Same 102 results.


     So Given that I can use a Set Field to write into this field, and that I can get the field contents earlier in the same script, I am completely flummoxed.


     Help please