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Set Field by Name does not work with variable

Question asked by aspectmedia on Jan 23, 2015
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Set Field by Name does not work with variable


I am trying to dynamically set a container field by established relationship, so that a number of fields can use the same script.

Having trouble getting a field to "set by name". Any help would be much appreciated

I have a container filed and a text field. The container field runs a "onObject Enter trigger for the following script:

Set Variable[$$thisField; Value:Get(ActiveFieldName)]
Commit Records/Requests      // to exit the field. Script did not work even with this step deleted
Set Field [Table::zTempField;$$thisField]      // to confirm the variable was set (for testing only)
Show custom Dialog [Table::zTest choice]     // an input box that sets a choice for the relationship
If [not isempty(Table::zTest Choice
   Set Field By Name [$$thisField; MyRelationship::TheRelatedfield]   // the relationship works, just not this step
End If

This script works when "Set Field" is used instead of set-by-name. So the problem seems to be, in setting the field by name using the variable. Is it a problem of calculation? Somehow FMP cannot read the field name out of the variable. Any "extraction" advise?