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Set Field By Name not working

Question asked by deathrobot on Sep 20, 2013
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Set Field By Name not working


     I have a popup menu field and am using a script trigger to grab its name and value BEFORE the user changes it:

     onObjectModify: THESCRIPT [parameter: Get ( ActiveFieldContents )

     THESCRIPT is:

     Set Variable ( $$filterFieldName; Value: Get ( ActiveFieldName ) ]
     Set Variable ( $$filterFieldValue; Value: Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]

     This all works correctly. However, after some more script steps, if certain criteria is true, I need to set the popup back to what it was before the user changed it. I am trying to do that with:

     Set Field By Name [ $$filterFieldName; $$filterFieldValue ]

     This does not work. Is there another way to accomplish this last step?