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Set Field By Name script help please

Question asked by Capt-Tuttle on Mar 5, 2010
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Set Field By Name script help please




Filmmaker Pro10
Windows XP


I have a Table recording Test Procedure Data for items under test
I have a second table listing available Test Equipment and its calibration due dates

I am trying to make a set of scripts so when a specific field on a specific layout for Test Procedure Data entry is selected, it moves me to a report/layout listing my test equipment. A script there records my selection then moves me back to my Test Procedure layout and populates three fields

 I can do most of this but cannot seem to get the field selection working when I return to the test procedure layout and move the data to the fields I want. This is what I have so far:


On the test page layout I have a field (Name TD1) that has script trigger set to On Object Enter. The script records the current layout name and active field name to variables and then executes a Go To Layout command:


Set Variable [$$Last_Layout_Name; Value:Get(LayoutName)]
Set Variable [$$Last_Layout_Field;Value:Get(ActiveFieldName)]
Go to Layout [“Test Equipment List”(Test_Equipment_List)]


The Test Equipment List layout is in Report format

On this report/layout I have a field that triggers another script. Its intent is to:
1. Record the Model#, Serial Number, and Calibration Due Date to three global variables
2. Check to see if the Variable $$Last_Layout_Name has value “Meaning I got here from another layout, and if I did perform the following steps
2a. Switch back to the original layout
2b Copy the variables to specific fields (This is what I cannot get to work)

3 Lastly, null the value of the variable $$Last_Layout_Name
The script I have been running is:


Set Variable[$$Device_Part_Number; Value:Test_Equipment_List::Model_Number
Set Variable[$$Device_Serial_Number; Value:Test_Equipment_List::Serial_Number
Set Variable[$$Device_Cal_Due_Date; Value:Test_Equipment_List::Calibration_Due_Date
If [$$Last_Layout_Name = “”]
   Go To Layout [$$Last_Layout_Name]
   Set Field By Name [$$Last_Layout_Field;$$Device_Part_Number] (Doesn’t Work)
End If
Set Variable [$$Last_Layout_Name;Value:””]


I use the Show Custom Dialog command as a debug tool and have verified the $$Last_Layout_Field is TD1

I went down a path thinking I had to pass a field ID number but could figure that either.

I think I am close but need a hand