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    Set Field By Name??



      Set Field By Name??


      I am an extreme noob to FMP and am currently using FMP11

      I have 2 tables.

      on the 1st table is a yes/no pop up button (field 1), a number field (field 2), and a pop up of cities (field 3) that returns a city based on a related field in the 2nd table.

      on the 2nd table I have a field of category id's (field 1), a field of cities (field 2), and a corresponding field of milages per city (field 3).

      what i need is to have the corresponding mileage amount for the city selected in field 3 of the first table appear in the number field (field 2) of the 1st table when "yes" is selected from the yes/no pop up button (field 1).

      I think that maybe "set field by name" is the way to make this happen but I'm having some trouble getting it to work..

      any help would be enormously appretiated!! Thanks!