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    Set field in portal



      Set field in portal


      Hi. I got a table named Patient related to it's occurences. The relationship is Patient::Name x Patient2::Name. So I can Set up a family relationship in a portal. Then, I have a button named Choose Patient for choosing family members name from a list. How to set the name field in the portal ? The portal table is Patient2(Occurances table). 


      Thanks in advance :)

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          If the target field is in the portal, where is the field whose data should be entered in that field?

          I can get to:

          Set Field [Patient2::name ;      ]

          But I can't tell from your post what data should be referenced in the calculated result that would show after the ; in this step.

          Normally, you'd modify a field on the layout with data from the portal instead of the reverse that you've specified here so please confirm that this is really what you want here.

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            The thing is that I'm building a family relationship part in this database. For example, In a patient's profile, there is a portal for configuring family relationship between other patients. There are 'Name' field in this portal. Firstly, they need to choose the patient. They will click a button named 'Patient List' to do so.  Then they will see a list of patient. Then they find the patient and choose it using a button called 'Choose'. What I don't really know is the script for the 'Choose' button. Whenever they click choose, I want it to set the 'Name' field in the portal. 


            Thanks in advance :)

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              I'm sorry but that still does not answer the question. My last post shows setting the name field in the portal, but I don't know what field in what table holds the data you want to set in this field.

              Won't the name field in the portal already have a name?

              One way to manage familial relationships (which can be many to many due to divorce/remarriage, etc.) is to use this set of relationships:


              Family::FamilyID = Family_Patient::FamilyID
              Patients::PatientID = Family_Patient::PatientID

              Note that names are not used in the relationships as names are not unique and individuals change their names.