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Set Field in trial version

Question asked by plq on Apr 5, 2010
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Set Field in trial version


Trying to get a script to work, and need to compute a VAT amount form other parts of the same record.


The empty field I want to assign a value I intend to use the function Set Field [ database::field; variable].


I find the field in the Specify Calculations window, enter a semicolon, and then select the "" operator, and enter the

constant in between.


I then get this information message which tells me that: An operator (e.g. +. -, *, ....) is expected here, and an OK button.


And the Script is not updated of course!


Where did I go wrong?


Usage: local Mac, Filemaker skills low (can't you tell!), very basic stuff, just one table plus some value lists. 8 GB of memory.


VEry much appreciate a pointer in the right direction!


Best regards,