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    Set Field in trial version



      Set Field in trial version


      Trying to get a script to work, and need to compute a VAT amount form other parts of the same record.


      The empty field I want to assign a value I intend to use the function Set Field [ database::field; variable].


      I find the field in the Specify Calculations window, enter a semicolon, and then select the "" operator, and enter the

      constant in between.


      I then get this information message which tells me that: An operator (e.g. +. -, *, ....) is expected here, and an OK button.


      And the Script is not updated of course!


      Where did I go wrong?


      Usage: local Mac, Filemaker skills low (can't you tell!), very basic stuff, just one table plus some value lists. 8 GB of memory.


      VEry much appreciate a pointer in the right direction!


      Best regards,




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          Set field has two specify buttons.

          Click the first specify button and select the field you want to recieve this data.

          Click the second specify button and enter the expression you want to use to calculate the value to be stored in the field you selected with the first specify button.

          Do not enter the semi-colon. Filemaker will add it for you.


          Given the description of what you want to do. I suggest looking up auto-entered calculations. This approach does the same operation without any script needed.

          Open Manage | Database | Fields

          Find the field definition and double-click it.

          Click the auto-enter tab

          Click the calculated value check box.

          Enter your calculation expression

          Clear the do not replace existing value check box.


          As long as all the fields referenced in your calculation are part of the same table as the field storing the result, this set up will automatically re-evaluate for you each time a value in a referenced field is changed.

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            Super, Thanks,