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Set Field Problems Moving to Filemaker 10

Question asked by marketg on Jul 7, 2010
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Set Field Problems Moving to Filemaker 10


I've been over and over this problem and am at a dead end. We just moved from FM7 to FM10 last week and I have run into a problem with a script that has a set field command in it. Below is what is going on:

We have two databases (Invoice Items and Shipping Calculator). The both have a relation to each other based on an Invoice Number. In Filemaker 7 I was using a SET FIELD command in a script in the Invoice Items database to Set a field in the Shipping Calculator of the Quantity of an item purchased. (basically copy the quantity of the line item and then pasting that into the shipping calculator quantity to generate shipping cost). This has been working great for over 3 years. Since moving to Filemaker 10, the SET FIELD command no longer will pass the quantity to the Shipping Calculator.

Any suggestions would be great.

Thank You