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Set Field Script step

Question asked by janslort on Aug 24, 2013
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Set Field Script step


     Hi All:

     I'm using FM11 Pro Advanced on a PC running windows 7. I had,what I thought was a simple script to place a comment in a repeating field, butI can't get it to work.   I create a new invoice and have a script which is triggered when a new customer's name is entered.  The first entry on the new invoice will be a line item called "Take the Tour".  It's on a products list that I use as a pick list. I want to enter it on the invoice first.  If the new customer buys stuff he gets the tour free, so I have a choice to enter a diferrent "product" called "Free Tour" to replace the product  "Take the Tour" . That script doesn't work either.

     I select my layout, and identify the field I want to enter my item into as follows:  Set Field[TourBilling::LineItemProduct[6]; "Take the Tour", nothing happens.  I checked the field name and know it's right.  I even tried a self Join on the invoice number in this file and added the  "go to related record" step, no results.

     I have used the Set Field script step hundreds of times before, but this "Ain't" working.

     Any Idea what could be wrong?