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Set Field to (Find it)

Question asked by BetoBoton on Jul 24, 2009
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Set Field to (Find it)




I'm a "novice"  with FMP, and I'm on a Mac with FMP 9 Adv. so please be aware of possible silliness in my questions.



Using the ready made Business Solution for Services from FM, and specifically the contacts.fp7 I'm trying to create a new Text field called "Referrer" which is the "Full Name" ("First Name" + "Last Name") of the same record (self referred) OR here comes the question:


I need to  FIND, in the SAME contacts Table  a contact record via First Name field and/or Last Name field to fill this field.


(This means the person who referred this client, must be a previous client or it is mandatory to be "self-referred" 


I have no idea where to start.

Any suggestions that would point me to  perform a "find script" starting with the letters I type into the field in the contact form. 

Do I need to create this find in a "new dialogue or window" ? 


My learning style is by example - does someone knows of book, blog or any other place where I can find an example/explanation of finding something while inserting new data in browse mode...


Thanks a lot for any help (I'm lost...)


Beto Boton