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Set Field to increment record count challenge

Question asked by HerbLoner on May 10, 2011
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Set Field to increment record count challenge


I want to take a file of (let's say) 28 records, perform a script on the first record, count it as "1", advance to the second record, perform the same script, count as "2", and continue doing this until I reach "7". Then I want to continue with record number eight, perform a different script, count it as "1", and continue till I reach "7" again, and do this with every 7 records.  In FoxPro this has been very easy: "counter = counter + 1". It would appear that the Set Field command would work similarly in FM.

Here is my script:

Go to [First] Record

Set Field [ filename:fieldname;  filename:fieldname = -1]

(Note: if I use a 0, it inserts a "1" in the first record)


   Exit Loop If [ filename:fieldname = 7]

   Perform some script

   Set Field [ filename:fieldname; filename:fieldname + 1]

   Go to [Next] Record

End Loop

Exit Script


This script puts a “1” in the first 27 records until the last record where it loops 7 times, puts a “7” in the field and then exits.  What am I going astray?  Thnx for your  help.