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Set Field won't work in script...

Question asked by bdexter75 on May 9, 2014
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Set Field won't work in script...


     I know this is dead simple, but I just can't get this "Set Field" script step to accept the ( ;"" ) parameter and I've been working on it for 3 hours.

     All the script does is go to a date field (DateDue) and clear out the date.  When I add the Set Field step and specify the record and field it tells me that an operator (eg. +, -, *,....) is expected here. I've searched the examples in the forum and tried to input this simple command step, but it just won't accept it like it is shown below.

     Set Field [Record::DateDue;""]

     If I use the calculation option, it clears out the date okay, but then replaces it with a "?" mark.  In this case, the only way it will work is when I used ( Record::DateDue = "" ).  However, from the posts I've reviewed this is apparently incorrect.  I'm using FM12 Pro.

     Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.