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Set Field, Constrain Set, Run script help

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on Sep 30, 2013
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Set Field, Constrain Set, Run script help


     Hello and thank you for all your help from my previous post.  I found this script in a FM training series solution ''Bonsai" and would like to incorporate into my solution. As posted in my previous post what I need is to first find  all the line items from my PhysID number and then search for an item using the search field. I played around with this script and believe it can work if  can "Constrain" my records to the found set.

     In short I need to set a variable on the Phys ID, Freeze the window, go to the List Set FIeld and do my search by item.

     Attached is the script for the searching the list which works fine however "Constraining the set" is where I get lost.  when I do the search all the line items com available. Parts of the script are more advanced than my skill set thank you for the direction.

     Also this is a script trigger and the :Optional parameter is "1¶" &