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set fill color in LIST VIEW ( browse and print )

Question asked by JoGruen on Feb 10, 2015
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set fill color in LIST VIEW ( browse and print )


Hi everybody, 
new to FM 13 but have been using FM on OSX (and system 9 before) since a long time (but not a super pro) 
I have a seemingly VERY simple issue and am baffled. I created a few related tables and am playing with the layouts. I'm trying to set the fill of all fields to white with a grey border, the background of the body is set to grey. 
I'm doing this in the inspector 

This setting works only for the ACTIVE record. The other records in a list layout remain with all fields no borders and grey as the bodys color, same if I go to print preview.

I can set all the different states like normal hover pressed and in focus and it works, but how can I adapt the layout setting for the whole list and/or when printing ?

I tried the search but may have used the wrong terms (not a native english speaker)...   any help would be appreciated.


PS: funny enough I created a button just now and the button retains his unchanged look for ALL records...  I tried the same for another data field (red edges for a laugh) and it doesnt...    as I said I'm baffled.