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    Set Font in Layout Mode



      Set Font in Layout Mode


           Hi All,

           I have tried FMP 12 a number of times but I can not get the font selection to work as it did in FMP 11 and before. I have resisted going to 12 just because of this issue. In FMP 12 when in layout mode the font, font size and style are greyed out which means I am unable to select a specific font or style for any layout I am stuck with what is set in preferences with no control over size. Does anyone have an answer for this before the BOGO offer expires tomorrow

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               The default settings for these are now controlled by the theme you select.

               If you put one field object on your layout and format it how you like, you can then duplicate it, editing each copy thus made to point to the desired table and field and if you put one layout text object on your layout formatted how you want, you can duplicate it, then double click it to edit the text in the copy to become what you want it to be.

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                 Not sure what is wrong, just grasping at straws.

                 Does the font changing ever work?  I know sometimes when I am layout mode, my font attributes are greyed out, and I have to either save the layout or click on several other text objects.

                 Have you tried on newly created DB? and/or from a converted DB?

                 There also might have been a problem with installation and it's connection to the fonts on your computer.

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                        I'm not sure that I follow your explanation. If I have created a layout and defined fields for that layout, If I want to change any of the font attributes for those field, thats fine I select the fields that I want to change and set the new attributes. If I then create a new layout an I know that with additional data on this layout I will have to reduce the point size to fit, I could just deselect all and then set the font, point size etc and when I place the fields on the layout they are now at the size I require. As it is, any field either placed on the layout or any new field specified comes in at 12 point which makes a heck of a lot more work to produce a layout.


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                     The font can be changed if a field is selected but I can not set a default for a layout. I have only ever tried on a newly created database. I have just tried your "select other text objects" loop with no joy and have trashed the preference file. I have uninstalled three times ,(I have been using the FM 12 trial) and re-installed and have tried on both OS x 10.6.8 up to 10.8.5 and also tried in Windows 7. Not being able to set a font for a layout creates that much design overhead that I have so far refused to go FM 12. There are so many good things about 12 that I want to use it but this is a deal breaker

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                       I understand what you want to do, but they changed the behavior in FileMaker 12 as you have discovered.

                       What I am suggesting is a simple work around that reduces the time needed getting your text styles set the way that you want. There are also several ways to select multiple objects on the layout and then apply the same formatting to all of them.

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                         Thanks, that was what I was trying to determine, whether the application no longer behaved in a particular manner or I had somehow got one with a bug. Yes, I know I can use the format painter or multi select and change it is just the hassle when you are defining and adding fields as you go along and you then have to select the field and change the size then select the label and change the size to determine your position and available space.

                         So to recap, you are no longer able to deselect everything in layout mode and set font attributes, this is a design function in FMP 12.

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                           But you missed my orignal suggestion. When you need a "default" set of styles that differs from the specified theme, Set the desired options on one such object, such as a single field or bit of layout text and then duplicate these objects instead of using the field or text tool to add new objects to your layout.

                           In the case of layout text, you can duplicate it and just double click to edit the text. In the case of a field object, you can double click the duplicated field to open specify fields--a dialog from which you were going to have to select a field anyway.

                           And in either case, you don't have to select matching text styles all over again.

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                             Thank you, I didn't miss it, I didn't understand it, now I do and indeed that will work. It does however seem a retrograde step where I could set the default and as I defined fields they are added to the layout automatically rather than now have to define the field then select a field and tell it which field it is. However you have indeed answered my question

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                               I find this change something of a Toss Up. When I work in FileMaker 11, it seems like FileMaker magically acquires a set of default settings from previous style selections that I did not want to have as my default and could not recall having specifically set (by selecting the style with no object selected).

                               And in FileMaker 12, I can't set such defaults even if I want to.

                               Ironically, the "work around" in both cases is much the same--duplicate an existing object styled to the consistent standard that you want to use and then either edit the text or respecify the field reference.

                               This works for buttons also though you have to click the text tool before you can edit the button's label text.