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    Set global Variable in Calculation



      Set global Variable in Calculation


           Is there a way to setup a variable in a calculation?

           What i actually want to do is to submit the "actionvalue" ($$pbutton1_pressed = "true") to a global value, so i can read it out later.



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               In what exact context do you need this variable to receive this value?

               Does this "calculation" take place when a script executes due to pressing a button? (the name of your variable suggests that this is the case.)

               If so, Set Variable can be set up to assign True to the variable:

               Set Variable [ $$pbutton1 ; Value: True ]

               If you do need to do this inside a calcualtion, the let function can assign a value to a variable:

               Let ( $$pbutton1 = True ; Put rest of your calculation here )