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    Set layout window size



      Set layout window size


      Using FM 11 Pro.  I have noticed in some FM provided examples (such as those in the FM training series), that layout windows can open up consistently with the same size.  I am trying to replicate such action; for some reason my layouts always open up somewhat smaller than in my original design and I am constantly adjusting the window size manually to get my layout to fit.  I have also noticed that in some FM provided examples that the horizontal or vertical scroll bars essentially cover 100% of the open window (in other words using them to scroll essentially does nothing unless one manually increases the size of the window).  I want to replicate both these conditions but cannot figure out how:

      1) How do I always have my layout open up to a designated size?

      2)  How do I get the horizonatal and vertical scroll bars to essentially cover 100% of the screen and only become useful if one manually increases the size of the layout window?

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          1) Theres a Move/Resize Window script step you can use to specify the location and size of any window currently open. You can include this step with a script that runs when your file opens to set the original window to a specified size and position. If you then use New Window commands to open additional windows, you can specify the size and location of the new window in the parameters of the New Window Script step.

          2) That appears to describe the opposite of my own experience with windows in FileMaker. If the Scroll bars are inactive, it's due to the window showing all the needed space for the current layout. To get the scroll bars to be active, I have to resize the window to make it smaller--not larger.