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Set print copies in script

Question asked by johnnykrz on Aug 23, 2012
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Set print copies in script


I need to be able to set the number of copies (in a single print job - no loops) within a script on Mac OS. I know, almost for certain, that this is not possible in FileMaker but has anyone ever come up with a plugin or workaround?


I did have a solution where I made 999 if statements, each one with the correct number saved in a print step. It worked for almost 2 years now, but changes in our printers have broken that script and you can imagine why I wouldn't want to go that route again if I can avoid it.

Doing a little digging, I tried actually altering the XML to make the copies attribute look like another one that contained a variable and then creating that variable in the script, but it would just print 1 copy. Oddly enough, there was no error when running the script and when I pulled that script out of FM for the second time, the variable I had placed for the copies had not changed. Somehow, that makes me think that the capability has either been considered or would be easy to implement. The good thing about editing the XML is that I was able to write a script to write the script with 999 print steps. That simplified the process, but it is still not a very elegant solution and I know that I will encounter this several more times in the new future.

At the moment, a print dialog that allows variables/calculations is feature suggestion #1 on my list for FM 13!