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Set report to generate invoice

Question asked by Tusquittee on Jul 23, 2013
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Set report to generate invoice


     Good morning experts, 

     I've been working little by little on a registration database for students in an academic program.  The students have registrations which function like invoices and they make payments to cover those invoices.  So far so good... 

     The students are also in specific conferences, Students::Annual Conference.  And thanks to the great help on here I even have a multi-tiered approach where the user first selects jurisdiction, then conference, and then even district.  So, I'm really happy with the way things are working.

     Then I realized I needed to be able to send invoices not just to the students, but also to the annual conferences that they are in.  The student pays a portion of their registration fees and the conference pays another portion.  Further, the conference bill should be a TOTAL bill for all students from that particular conference during a specific session.

     In order to accomplish this, and deal w/ the arrangement that the conference doesn't pay the same amount for each student... I created a sub-summary report that works well.  It generates a report for whichever conference and session are chosen and populates it with the names, classes, and fees associated with each student in that conference.  

     I thought this would work, but am now finding out that some conferences pay 50% of their portion and are billed two months later for the remaining balance... some conferences pay in installments.. and some wait so long to pay that they are accessed late fees.  Now I figure I need some way to accomplish billing for annual conferences instead of simply generating a bill statement.  

     My first thought was to create a field that would allow the user to exit preview and input payment information if it had already been made for that invoice.  (This would really not be ideal, but might work as a temporary solution..) I was thinking something similiar to the Invoice Starter Solution where the header field is a text auto enter calculation that invites the user to exit preview and enter some info.  When I tried this, also w/ a text field set up as auto enter calculation, after i exted preview I could ineed enter information, but when I go back to preview or to print or to save, the information isnt' there....Not sure why?

     My second thought was... is it possible to use a report to generate an invoice for each specific  conference?