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    Set resolution script step?



      Set resolution script step?


      I have a runtime solution in which I set the dimensions of each window. Some clients have to re-adjust the window sizes or scroll in order to fit the entire page in. Is there a script step that will set the resolution of the screen so that ll data will fit? Is there a better solution?  Thanks

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          Not really. Windows users can select or deselect "enlarge Window contents to improve visibility". Your scripts can detect this by checking for an * in the value returned by Get ( WindowZoomLevel )

          Your scripts can specify the zoom level.

          Objects on a window, can use auto-size anchors to change size and position as a window changes in size

          You can create different copies of the layout optimized for different monitor size/resolution options.

          You can set up a preferences layout with a table for collecting the user's preferred settings and then scripts can set zoom levels and select layout to provide the best possible "fit" to their system.

          That get's rather complex, but it's what you can do with the current system.

          PS. just to make things even more complicated the "font metrics" for Mac, Windows and iOS hardware. In addition, I filed a recent bug report documenting that simply changing the "enlarge window contents" option or the zoom level on a windows layout can change the font metrics slightly. This can result in text wrapping to the next line differently in each situation. angry

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            Thanks PhilMJ,

            That's a help. Is there also a step to Get (screen resolution)?

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              You can use Get ( ScreenWidth ) and Get ( ScreenHeight ) , to get the pixel dimensions of the current monitor. (Looking up the Get function in FileMaker help can be very educational given the "swiss army knife" nature of this function. I've discovered several new tools that way over the years...wink)