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    set scripts on drop down/popup menu



      set scripts on drop down/popup menu


           Hi..i want set fo to layout script on dropdown/popup menu value list...e.g in dropdown/popup menu... value list contail letter1,letter2,letter3.. so when i select letter 1 then letter1 layout will be open...this kind of things is possible???????

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               Yes, if you are using FileMaker 10 or newer.

               The OnObjectSave (Dropdown) or OnObjectModify (Popup) trigger can be used to perform one fo the following two scripts:

               Go to Layout [YourTable::YourDropDownField]


               If [ yourTable::yourDropDownField = "A" ]
                   Go to Layout ["Layout A"(tableName)]
               Else IF [YourTable::yourDropDownFIeld = "B"]
                   Go to Layout ["Layout B" (tableName)]

               and so forth....

               The first script uses the "go to layout name by calculation" option and the names in your value list must exactly match the names of your layouts. The second option does not require this exact match in layout names.