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Set Sliding/Printing doesn't work with mix of graphic

Question asked by magnetic on May 27, 2009
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Set Sliding/Printing doesn't work with mix of graphic & text fields


Have been trying to solve this for hours.  


I have a database regarding plants.  Current Layout prints plant label info in 4 columns.  Each line has a graphic (in container field) and descriptive text. ie pic of the sun and details of conditions for growth.  There are 13 lines of information, some records have info in only 4 lines, some in all fields.


Problem is that the sliding/printing option doesn't always work.  I've read all the help and forum info.  Have checked every field is aligned top and left.  Every field is set to slide up (not reduce enclosing part - cause of fixed graphic size).  There are no extra lines or spaces, and I always check in preview mode, no portals involved.  I can't use merge fields because of the graphics.


 Would be grateful for any help.