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Set Theme by Variable to Identify FM File.

Question asked by SkipperID on Apr 15, 2015
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Set Theme by Variable to Identify FM File.



FMP13 Here.

Is it possible to set a theme by Variable? 

I'm trying to create a duplicate of my database to use for training (a simple copy of all records/layouts etc) that I want to identify with a different background based on which file you are in. 

The logic I'm trying to use is: 

1. Set $$Mode="Training" / or Set$$Mode="Live"
2. IF $$Mode="Training" THEN Theme=Training (which would be a watermark-like background on all Layouts)
3. IF $$Mode="Live" THEN (the theme would be whatever the theme is for the particular layout)

What I like about this idea is that there's only 3 quick steps to refresh the training environment:
1. Create a Duplicate Copy of the current live db (so everything new and updated I have created is here)
2. Rename Duplicate Copy to "Training Mode" 
3. Change $$Mode to Training

It seems like setting the theme by variable would accomplish this, but I am open to other ideas.