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Set up a Calculation Field for displaying photos

Question asked by thachlam on May 18, 2010
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Set up a Calculation Field for displaying photos


Hi everybody, A while ago, I had some helpful hands to guide me to set up a field to display the image based on the imported link from another filed; so far, as a novice I still can't work out the calculation and really wish someone can help me set up the calculation so Field B can display the image from the data of Field B:


Field A - imported Text. Example C:\May2010\Camera10\IMG_1222.jpg (as reference only)


Field B - Shows image of Field A (to be calculated so it can display image IMG_1222.jpg from field A)


I am using FM Pro 11 on WinXP and this database contains more than 100,000 records, each record has a photo as proof of service.


Any help for this calculation is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.