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    Set up for New Financial Year



      Set up for New Financial Year


       I have been given the task of using File Maker Pro. Can any one assist me with information or Links to my problem. I need to save last years (11-12) database and start a new year (12-13) with the exact same fields. Sounds simple but the language for what I want in the search engines escapes me. Help would be much appreciated.

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          And Why do you need to do that?

          Why not just continue to use the same database file?

          Any data stored in your database that is specific to a given fiscal year should have a field where that detail is recorded so that finds, sorts etc can deal with that data accordingly.

          Splitting your data into separate files, one for each fiscal year makes it difficult to examine your data for any reports that may span more than one fiscal year and provides little if any benefit to the users.

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            Thanks for your reply Phil, much appreciated. I hadn't seen File Maker Pro until a few weeks ago so I am a bit unsure of how it all works, and it appears the previous users didn't have a clue about data bases. My revised question is, how do i create or continue the new fiscal year data base so i can still do screen dumps for any particular month or quarter for this fiscal year? Currently all i have is 11-12 data and as you say, if i can continue the same data base for 12-13 it makes sense.

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              In FileMaker, you can enter find mode, specify a date range, then perform the find and you'll find all records in a given range of dates. The criteria might look like this for a fiscal year:


              this range could be simplified to:


              This assumes a fiscal year that starts on March 1st.

              You can also set up a calculation field that uses a date field in the record to compute the fiscal year. Using the same starting date, it might look like this:

              Year ( dateField ) - (Month ( datefield ) < 3 )

              This returns 2011 for all dates in the above date range.

              You can then search for 2011 in this calculation field to find all records in that fiscal year.

              Of course you'll need to adjust these calcualtions to fit your actual fiscal year start date.