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Set up multiple comment posts to one assignment

Question asked by d.b on Oct 13, 2010
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Set up multiple comment posts to one assignment


I am trying to set up a gradebook.  A previous post is at Create related records

My assignments are not so simple.  Some assignments are tests and quizzes (numeric values with max value).  Other assignments are Homework (check boxes: complete, incomplete, late, excused).  Actually, there should be an excused and late check box for every assignment.  I am not sure if attendance should be in a different table or not too (radio buttons: present, absent, tardy).

The most difficult type of assignment that I want to set up is behavior comments (each comment will be associated to a numeric value so that each time a student is off task they lose a point, but when they are on task they gain a point) -- how could I set that up anyway??  I want to add multiple comments (say 0 - 10 of them) for each day; should that account of selected comments be recorded in a separate table or a field?

So, should I have just one table with multiple fields for the different input types, or should I have different tables?  It would be nice to have everything (attendance, hw, classwork, test, quiz etc) all in one record so that I can make a comment for one student's classwork and change another student who just shows up as tardy in attendance on the same screen.

I'd appreciate any feedback to help me make the next step in setting up this database.