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Set Variable Max ( field ) Not Working!

Question asked by Mingrl88 on Aug 19, 2012
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Set Variable Max ( field ) Not Working!


Hi All, 

Not sure if anyone else has encountered this, been searching the foums and am not finding any help, but essentially I am trying to set a variable that is a maximum value and then add 1. 

Max(Table::field)+1 is not working even with "getastext" or "getasnumber" in front of it. Why is this?


I tried another way around this setting the "Max(Table::field)+1" as a calculation for the field itself. It will compute if the calculation is speaking to another field than itself but when run on itself it doesn't seem to work either. 


I can't think of any other ways to get a maximum value, have any of you had any trouble with this function?