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Set Variable Not performing as Expected

Question asked by quirkycrone on Mar 27, 2014
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Set Variable Not performing as Expected


     I have a field called Collection_OOAK  in a table called Prints. I attached a value list that shows all the separate instanced of OOAK_Collection to enable selection.  Then (I have tried running this script as OnVerify and OnSave with equally dismal results) I run this script (see screenshot).  When I test it it fails to put anything into the variable $$Collection--so of course it fails to find any matching records

     Any thoughts on why $$Collection ends up empty?  I am using FM 12 on a PC.  The only possible problem that I imagine is that while the field Collection_OOAK is a text field, the data is numeric formatted like ####-##.

     I have been searching and searching for problems with set variable not working properly...but have not yet found a solution for this.

     Thanks in advance.